All You Need To Know About Anal Sex

Throughout the world, there are gazillions of people interested in anal sex. Problem is most don’t share those feelings with others. However, once individuals are in a private place, the desires and curiosity sets in. Validation of this point can be seen by the popularity the anal category achieves in pornography. Anal sex is something millions of people look for online to find out more about. Also, anal porn videos manage to get millions of views each day.
According to some researches, one out of every third female has tried anal sex at least once. This refers to women between the ages of 19 to 45. While anal sex may not be as prevalent as regular intercourse, it’s still done by some. Part of why it’s not as common as vaginal sex, is because some consider it taboo or dirty. In addition, anal sex can be very painful for some people. Yet that is exactly one of the main points about anal sex everyone should know about. If done correctly, anal sex should not be painful.
Sex doctors and experts suggest that anal intercourse may not be for everyone though. For instance, people who suffer from hemorrhoids should avoid it. The same for those who suffer from digestive problems. Most importantly, when a person wants to have anal sex, they should use sufficient lube. The anus does not lubricate itself like a woman’s vagina does. Instead, lube needs to be applied in order to make the ordeal more comfortable. Without it, penetration can be painful and even dangerous. Silicone-based lube is recommended since it will not dry out and it is much thicker. Lube which is water-based tends to dry out much faster.
Another thing to keep in mind is that a person’s anus will stretch accordingly. In the same way it does for bowel movement, it can do so for a penis to enter it. So individuals who may be worried that their ass will stretch out, don’t need to be alarmed. Many of the anal porn videos found online, tend to show situations which are not recommended. Some of them show rough anal sex or quick insertions. However, when you are first starting out, it should be done slowly. An individual also needs to be relaxed in order to make the penetration easier. The more relaxed your body is, the far more receptive your anus will be to the penetration. Try inserting a finger first to get the situation started. Slowly, you can begin to move on into inserting the penis or dildo.
Arousing the butt cheeks should be done before entering the anus. Much like vaginal foreplay, your partner’s buttcheeks should be played with. Caressing, massaging and kissing them, will play a big role in relaxing them. At the same time, the anus will become more receptive. Some people try anal sex while taking a shower. This is good because it helps your partner feel loose and relaxed. Using condoms when having anal sex is highly recommended. They not only protect you from STD’s, they also reduce friction. In turn, that leads to smoother entries. Condoms also protect you from the microscopic tears prone to happen during anal sex.
While orgasms through anal sex are not guaranteed, they can happen. There are some women who enjoy it and to them, the anal sex feels good. On the other hand, you have others who won’t achieve orgasms this way. Try stimulating the clitoris while having anal intercourse. Sex experts recommend using a toy to help you with anal sex. All you need to do is make sure you find the appropriate sex toys.
Unlike the hardcore anal porn videos you may see, not everyone can start off big. Some of them show women taking big dicks up their asses like there’s no problem. Still, not all people are capable of this; especially the first few times. Start off slowly and small to work your way up. The tongue, fingers and toys come in to mind. Then, you can work your way to the penis making an entrance. The majority of anal porn videos don’t show that ‘rimming’ is the proper way to do anal sex at first. But, unlike them, you need to first place the tip of the penis inside. The anus has nerve endings which are at the main entrance. Making the rim or opening of the anus loose, is what makes it less painful.

A major mistake people make when having anal sex, is going by what they see. Hardcore anal porn films show girls taking huge cocks without fear. They also scream and moan like they are truly enjoying it. Although they may be, there are certain things to remember. For one, these are actors who are paid to act out in that way. Secondly, the people in the anal porno, may actually enjoy it. However, this doesn’t mean your partner will do so too; especially when trying it out. Don’t try to imitate what you see in the anal porno movies. At least not until your partner is comfortable enough to enjoy the anal sex as well.