7 Ways To Prioritize Sexual Intimacy on a Busy Schedule

In reality, couples who are always busy are having a hard time to be intimate with each other. Fatigue, stress and tiredness drop their libido. In order for a sex to be successful, each one’s body needs to be mentally, physically and emotionally connected. This is the reason why most of the time, busy people encounter not so unpleasurable sex- their mental, physical and emotional states are not stable due to tiredness, stress and fatigue. Saying “I love you” is sometimes not enough to show affection to your partner, your body needs to feel that “love” physically.

So here are seven ways on how you can prioritize sexual intimacy despite of your busy schedule:

1.Schedule your “Us Time”.

Surely, you are both busy with your work and extra activities but you also need to have an extra time with each other. If you only have one off in your calendar, secure that date for a date. A date does not need to be extravagant. You can have a candle lit dinner at home, watch romantic movies on your couch while having a nice bottle of wine, or give each other a relaxing massage. Or, if your off is the only day you can go to the gym, grab your partner with you for an intense workout. Workouts can increase your libido, so it’s a great start for a steamy sex.

2.Send your partner “sexts” once in a while.

When you’re working in the middle of your overloaded deadline and then suddenly your partner send you a message with sexual content, wouldn’t your sexual drive suddenly jump off for a second? Yes, it will. Sexting with your partner will change your mood and will make you more energetic at work. Use today’s social networking to your own advantage. It is one of the ways you can be sexually and emotionally connected with your partner. Sexting isn’t bad because it keeps you excited to go home and scold your partner for making you wet in work.

3.Find time to be energetic even if you really want to pass out on bed.

Rejecting your partner because you’re too tired and wanted to go right on bed is something, or sometimes, you should avoid. If your partner is in the mood for some romance, wake up your senses and do the deed. You can always sleep after. Bonus is that you can have a good and sound sleep because sex releases tension and stiffness trapped in your body.

4.Initiate sex as often as you can.

Who says you can only do sex at night and after work? Morning sex and quick shower sex are the best morning booster, more than the boost your decadent breakfast can give you. If your energy is always running low after work, morning sex is your best option. Initiate sex when you both are still full energy. It will keep your happy and sexual hormones flowing all throughout the day, something you need in your tiring work.

5.Don’t talk about your stressful work after sex.

The reason why you want a romantic intimacy is because you want to settle down, feel the love and forget about your tiring day. Talking about your stressful work after sex will void your reasons. Try to be still romantic after sex so your partner knows you are physically and emotionally present with him/her. This will grow your bond even more.

6.Purchase sex toys.

Another way of taking advantage of the internet is purchasing sex toys online and sending a message to your partner saying you want to try them later at night. This will signify that even in your busiest day, you still think of him/her.

7.Bring your partner in a hotel.

There is something about hotels that can make you feel romantic and relax. Forget about the laundries and the dishes once in a while. Bring your partner in a hotel where you can both relax and forget about everything. Giving your best performance will shatter all your busy days to pieces.

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