6 Daily Rituals To Balance Your Hormones Naturally

During your menstrual cycle, your body is going through a very intense process of getting rid of your uterus lining. So it is actually very important to try and nourish your body and support your body through this process and just step off that nutrition. Your daily foods and lifestyle play a huge factor in your hormonal health.

Fortunately, healthy daily meal plan, best herbs and yoga exercise may help improve your hormonal health naturally and allow you to perform your best.

Lemon Water

When you wake up, make yourself a 1 liter jar of warm lemon water. Do this to hydrate your body after being asleep for 8 hours and to help your liver. Having a healthy liver is essential for hormonal health as it gets rid of excess hormones or hormones that are no longer needed in the body.

Yoga Meditation

Yoga meditation through slow, deep and supportive movements as well as calming breathe that soothes the nervous system is a powerful way of balancing hormones. You can do this every day or depending on your schedule and feeling, for 10 minutes or an hour. Whether it’s a short practice or a very long one, you get yourself into a very good state to tackle the day. Moreover, you become more at peace, calm and more self-aware.


Take a cup of Ashwagandha with a mushroom blend of reishi cordyceps, lion’s mane and shitake. These are adaptogen herbs which are healing plants that help your body adapt to stress and restore balance. Furthermore, this morning ritual allows you to be mindful and present.

Healthy Breakfast

For breakfast, have a few pieces of fresh fruit like oranges, grapefruit or both. These are not only high in Vitamin C, but are also water-rich which helps you relieve water retention and bloating that usually happens during this time. Additionally, you can make a bowl of steel cut oats and soak it overnight so you can cut the cooking time in half. Add some raw cacao powder in it, which is high in magnesium and antioxidants. Other great additions are blueberries ground, pumpkin flaxseeds, coconut, a dash of cinnamon and a touch of maple syrup, which are really beneficial when you’re on your period or has irregular periods.

Healthy Lunch

For lunch, you can prepare some chickpea pancakes and smash a bit of avocado on it which is great because it provides some good healthy fats which are essential for hormonal balance. You can add some leafy greens or vegetables like asparagus and tomato to maximize the nutrients your hormone or body needs.

Healthy Dinner

You can have a big stew of buckwheat, lentils and vegetables for dinner. These foods are nourishing, comforting and restorative. If you’re preparing your own foods, find something that provides you not only with nutrition, but also with comfort. Buckwheat stew or soup with some nutritional vegetables is nice, warming and full of vitamins. You can pick vegetables rich in fiber, magnesium, antioxidants and minerals that are all important when you’re on your period.

To balance your hormones naturally and effectively, you have to take better care of yourself altogether. You have to learn to tune-in with your body and what it’s trying to tell you, explore what the root cause and act on those signals rather than just try and mask them with synthetic medications.

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