6 Common Sex Fears And Tips To Overcome Them

Sex fears are occurring to almost everyone engaging in sex. It is one of the factors why people cannot focus on sex and cannot achieve satisfaction.

Here are the common sex fears and tips on how you can overcome them:

1.Your partner has an STI/STD.

Not everyone is open about having STI/STD, so this is one of the dilemmas of people before and after having sex with their partner. If you know that your partner had been to many partners, it is not a bad thing if both of you get tested of STD. Explain to your partner that you have fear of getting STD. It is not that you are judging, it is just that you want to be safe. STD is a widely spreading disease all over the world and it is not confined to gay people only. Straight people can also have it most especially if they don’t practice safe sex.

2.Your partner won’t have an orgasm or aren’t satisfied.

Sex is a pleasurable thing, and as a partner, you want to make sure that your other half get orgasm and be satisfied. This is a dilemma of many men in particular. If they don’t satisfy their women, they feel less of a man. In order to overcome this, make sure you are well prepared before having sex. Compost yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Always think that not all the times sex is satisfying. There are also days that your partner doesn’t orgasm but that doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. The truth is, not all women can have multiple orgasm. They can do it once, but not all the time.

3. The condom will break that will result to unwanted pregnancy.

This is a fear of both men and women. Sex with wrapper feels different but you need to be protected and doesn’t want unwanted pregnancy. To avoid this, use high quality condoms and make sure the woman take her pills everyday to avoid pregnancy.

4.Your partner finds your naked body unattractive.

It’s not the end of the world if your partner finds your body unattractive. What is the main reason you’re having sex in the first place? Is it because of lust, or love? When you are deeply in-love and you two are alone in a room, physique is not important anymore. Though it adds to the lust and desire, surely, love will win over lust. Your partner will accept all your flaws and you don’t need to fret having an imperfect body. Being not perfect is what makes your perfect.

5.You are bad at sex.

The thing is, there is no one who is bad at sex. You could be less experienced, or is not really a sexual person, but you are not bad at sex. Sex is like a dish you don’t know how to cook at first. But after several times of trying, you come perfect it. It is also good to know the things that make you turn on. There are so many sexual contents you can learn from if you think you are less experienced in sex. Take time to learn.

6.Your penis is too small.

Many men are worried about their penis size. They often think that a longer penis works wonderfully than smaller penis. They might be thinking wrong. This notion might be the cause of watching pornography where porn stars show their large penis and women screaming out of pleasure because of it. Well in fact, pornography is showing distorted picture of normal male anatomy. Instead of comparing your penis to a porn star, try to tell yourself that your penis is what the average men do have and you are normal. Large or not, you can still make sure partner scream without having to use your penis.

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